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How many times have you wanted to learn how to do something and you did a search online to find the answer. HOW TO videos are one of the most popular types of video searches on YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world. If you think that YouTube is a bunch of dancing cats, think again. Just this week YouTube surpassed Facebook and became the largest social media site.  Check Out the article at:



If you’re looking for a great way to share content about your business and brand, look no further than YouTube’s slideshow creator. It’s quick, it’s easy, and in 10 steps you’ll be making slideshows like a pro!





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Best iPhone Video Accessories For YouTube Videos | iPhone Video Tips for YouTube

iphone video accessoriesWhat is the best iPhone Video Accessories for YouTube videos? Watch this video or scroll down to read my answer to one of the questions that I get asked most often:  What is the best camera to have for my YouTube videos?



What is the best camera to have for my YouTube videos?

The best camera to have is the camera that you have with you.  I have a whole studio full of equipment with all kinds of cameras lighting and microphones and tons of stuff.  When I am out there at an event and a client asks me a question and I think wow that would be a great video.  You, know what.  I want to capture that in the moment.  YouTube and video is all about the social.  So when I have something that I want to say your videos are going to be better if it is spur of the moment.  What is your idea? What is your thought?  Maybe you are at event and someone gives you a fabulous testimonial.  You want to have your camera right there to take out and say Hey, would you repeat that for me on my camera so I can share it with everyone else.  Those are the opportunities you are missing by not having a camera with you.  The answer to the question is that the best camera to have is the one you have with you.  This right here is my iPhone and I love my iPhone.  It is one of the best cameras out there on the market.  The iPhone five or the iPhone 5s is fabulous for taking HD video.  They have made is super simple and easy.  Guess what?  It is a camera you can always have with you.  Just put it right in your pocket or purse and you are ready to go.  I love using my iPhone for everything.  In fact, I use this way more than any of the other cameras that I have.  It is always with me! 

phocus-iphone-video-lens-kitOne of the things that I love about the iPhone is that it comes tons of amazing video accessories that make things even more.  Today I am going to show you some of my favorite video accessories that I like to use when I am on the go.  One of them that I use is the Phocus. The Phocus is an adapter for your iPhone and it’s pretty neat in that your iPhone just simply slides right into it like that.  Now you have a pocket camera.  Remember the old pocket cameras that we used to have.  It looks just like.  I like the Phocus because it is easy to use.  You can still access all of your buttons on your phone.  Some of the holders, I don’t know why they designed it that way, but you cannot get to your on off button and things like that. It’s not very practical.  The Phocus did a great job with it.  Also, on the Phocus it has a great lens.  This lens screws on and off.  The particular kit that I have here is the two lens kit.  It’s a wide angle lens that adds four feet to your shot.  If you are trying to capture a great HD video. Those extra four feet make a huge difference in your video.  This lens also turns around and screws off and turns around on the other side and it’s a macro lens so if I want to take pictures of products close-up or a flower then this is the perfect lens for that.

Just like a video camera..ahhhhhh!  <LAUGHING>  A bee just flew into my eye.  I guess he doesn’t like my video?  Is he on me?

The Phocus also comes with another lens which is a telephoto lens. That is the upgraded kit. The two lenses is about $80.  The three lens kit that includes the telephoto lens is about $120.  By the way, if you are taking notes furiously don’t sweat it. I  totally got you covered on this.  At the end of this video I am going to send you a link and show you how you can get a copy of all of the equipment that I use that I am talking about in this video with links directly to them so you can purchase them for your own videos.  Don’t worry about taking notes.  Just sit back relax and pay attention.  I have got you on this one.

iphone video flexible tripod for youtube videosWith the Phocus the other thing that is really cool is the mounts.  It has a mount here which is the mini-shoe mount and it also has adapter screws here and two more on the bottom so you can do different things to it.  Such as a mount to a tripod.  Let’s take a look at one of my tripods that I bring in my travel kit.  This is a flexi tripod which is really cool.  It does all kinds of crazy stuff.  It bends in all different angles.  If you are outside you can wrap it around a tree branch.  Shove it in a door.  You want to flex it, bend it, tilt it, whatever you want to do.  It’s a fabulous little gadget and guess what its $8 on Amazon. It’s a great little tool.  All it does is it just screws right into the bottom of your camera just like that.  You can do whatever you need to do with it.  It’s a fantastic little piece of equipment that you can take with you on the go. 

One thing that’s hugely important about your video is actually not your video.  It’s about the audio.  The reason I say that is that because, people will forgive if your video is a little bit out of focus.  A little bit out of alignment.  A little bit with the visual part of it.  However, if people cannot hear you clearly and they are struggling to hear what you have to say they are going to go somewhere else.  They are going to leave.  They are not going to watch your video and all the work you put into it. You want to make sure you have the best sound quality possible.  The iPhone comes with a fantastic on board microphone.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great microphone.  It’s a microphone that is designed to capture everything in every direction.  It does a great job in a quiet isolated setting.  However, if you are the beach or a different area like it may not be the best microphone to use.  We want to make sure our audio for all of our videos is pristine.  In order to do that I have some tips for you on that. 

iphone video audio technica wired lavalierOne of my favorite things, which is the Audio Technica Wired Lavalier.  You can see here that it’s got a really long cord that I have all coiled up.  The reason for this is that you get 20 feet of cord with this microphone.  It’s a fantastic little microphone and it does a great job.  You will see that I am actually wearing one right now.  It’s clipped onto my shirt.  I have it going down and I have a little battery pack that it tucked into my pocket.  The Audio Technica Wired Lavlier is $20 on Amazon.  This little baby right here makes a huge difference in your audio.  I have microphones that I paid $800 for a wireless microphone set and this $20 microphone does an even better job than an $800 microphone. I carry a couple of these with me everywhere because they are so cheap.  You never know when you are going to have a microphone fail.  You want to make sure you have at least two of these in your kit when you are travelling.  I know I do just in case. 

iphone video startech microphone adapterOne thing about this though is that this microphone is setup for video cameras.  Your iPhone or your cell phone has a different type of audio jack.  You want to plug this directly into your headphone to convert it to audio.  It does not quite work by plugging it in directly.  In fact, it does not work at all.  You want to have an adapter.  This is one I bought a while ago.  All you do is just simply plug this and then on the end it has two pieces.  One says speaker and one says mike.  You want to plug the microphone into the mic one.  The speaker one is for is if you are filming someone else and you want to listen and do a sound check on the audio quality you can put your headphones into the speaker jack and make sure you are getting sound on your video.  However, if you are filming just yourself and you are doing a selfie then you don’t want to have headphones on.  It looks funny when you are filming.  That is up to you if you like to look like princess lea with big huge ears and headphones.  If that is what works for you go ahead I am game for you.  This is essential for making the microphone work with your cell phone.  You do need this adapter for that. This particular one was one I bought a while ago it was $30 on Amazon.  Thanks to China a new knock off brand has come out. I have tested it and it works really well.  It’s the Startech brand. It’s a little smaller than the other one.  It’s ok as it makes your kit more compact and you don’t have as much dangle going on with the cord.  The Startech is available on Amazon for $8.  The only difference is that it is a little bit smaller, which I think is a good thing.  It doesn’t have the fancy pink and green label on it. I bet for the savings difference you can figure out how to make your own labels on tabs. 

iphone video rode shotgun microphoneOne more thing if you really want to upgrade to a different type of microphone or maybe you don’t want the wire.  I recommend the Rode Shotgun microphone.  It fits on the camera with a shoe.  This one right here is fantastic for interviews with a couple people, you are at a conference or a trade show.  It’s concentrated sound.  That is why it’s called a shotgun.  To put it one you just simply slide it into your phone and tighten it up.  and there you have it.  Now it’s attached.  As you can see here this is a pretty fancy looking iPhone.  You can get a ton of video done with this.  You can mount this on a tripod and use it as a studio.  You can travel through a conference to an event.  Whatever you are doing this is particularly for traveling.  I recently went on a cruise and I brought this kit with me.  People were stopping all over the place asking what is that? Where can I get that?  How can I buy that?  That is one of my biggest questions.  In fact a setup like this, I was just reading an article on line not too long that CNN is now using this type of kit for their reporters.  The reporters are now going out and they are able to report things using technology just like this.  This is very awesome equipment to have and it’s very low cost.  The Rode is not $20.  It is a little bit more invest.  If you add a zero to it.  The Rode is about $200 on Amazon.  It’s a fantastic microphone for you to invest in.  It allows you more flexibility in your shots and videos.  If you are on a tight budget the $20 microphone does just as well. 

iphone video portable power bankThe other thing I want to think about is battery power.  When you are filming and doing longer days you want to think about your battery on your phone.  The iPhone is notorious for running out of battery.  I have done it myself.  I have been out there and did lots of battery. ooops you have 10% left and my iPhone just shut off and I still had a lot more to do.   I bought one of these. it was $10 and it is a charger.  I charge it up before I go out.  It’s a little unit like this.  It costs me $10 and it rapid charges my iPhone.  When I start seeing my battery getting low, about 15-20% I plug this in and it zaps up my juice and I am good to go for more video.  The other battery charger that I have is the Mediabridge.  This is a case that my iPhone slides into.  When I charge my iPhone at night it charges this case which is a spare battery. It also charges my iPhone at the same.  No extra effort.  What it does is it doubles my battery life.  When my iPhone starts to get low I just press the little button on the back to get low and it instantly starts powering my iPhone off of the second battery.  This way I know have triple the battery power without a lot of extra space. 

iphone video battery case charger mediabridgeOne thing that I love.  Ladies, maybe guys, you can get a fanny pack.  For me, I fit all this equipment that I just showed you into my little Mickey mouse purse and I take it on the go.  This is the full HD studio that fits in this little tiny bag.  Now you have no more excuses about I didn’t have a camera or I didn’t get my videos.  I know this was amazing information and I gave you a ton of stuff today.  That is what I like to do as I get so excited about video and all the possibilities of it.  I really want you to get out there and start sharing your important message with the world.  That is my mission and my purpose. I  promise that bit eh end of 2014 that all the work I am doing will have inspired at least 100,000 people to create a YouTube video.  I hope that you do share with me on social media.  My website is and you can share with me your videos and all of your stuff.  You can find me on Facebook and of course on YouTube. 

One thing that I did promise you was that if you would like links to all of these products and all of this information that I have done about YouTube and as well the iPhone and all the equipment in today’s video.  All you have to do is go to my website:  and sign up.  I will email you links to all this information and I even going to throw in a couple bonus videos that you can only get if you subscribe on my website.  Thank you so much for coming out today and spending time with me.  I will see you online.

Looks like just like a video camera.  AWWW <LAUGHING>  A bee just flew into my eye.  I guess he doesn’t like my video.  Is he on me.. Yeah.. Oh, get him off of me.  Please! <LAUGHING>  I really don’t want Mr. Bee to bite me today.  Please.  Ok, let’s take him outside.  CUT!

I guess when you get photo bombed by a bee, it just means that you should bee videoing.. hahahahaha  anyway.. moving on!

<PHONE RINGING>  Somebody is calling!  Hold on just a minute!  Hello?  Hey!  Hey, listen I am the middle of a video shoot right now and I forgot to put my phone on airplane mode while I was filming.  Can I call you back?  Awesome.  I’ll talk to you later.  OOPS!  Remember when you are filming with your iPhone that you have to turn off incoming calls. The best way to do that is to set your iPhone on airplane mode.

ChromoLights, Camera, Extras!

Now here is one last Bonus! It was not in the video as it is an enhancement of your video. You have all the components for an awesome video. ONE LAST THING. Sometimes we need just a little better lighting or a small amount of fill in lighting. LED lighting has come a long way and one company I found made a pretty good product. The Chromo  160 LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Light. It uses a Shoe attachment and can mount to the top of the Phocus. The great thing is it is dimmable. It comes with three filters that you can adjust to lighting conditions indoor, outdoor.

IOpteka-Splitterf you are using a wired mic, you will be fine. If you are using the Rode or other shoe mounted microphone, you may need to add a second shoe with a shoe splitting adapter.  The Opteka is one is a fair example of a Y adapting Shoe splitter Opteka VB-20 Heavy Duty Video Light/Microphone Dual Cold Shoe Splitter Bracket  Cold Shoe just means it has no other functions like flash or power. A Hot Shoe has flash and other powered functions. The Opteka takes one shoe and splits it into two. Your only concern is too much weight on the Phocus’s Shoe adapter as you will have some additional weight on a fairly small shoe adapter. It is just molded plastic so be mindful. A fast option would be using a screw post on top or bottom of the Phocus and adding a threaded shoe adapter as thus seen. Threaded-ShoeCold Shoe Mount Adapter We will discuss this more in a later post talking about how to make more complex setups for lighting and Microphones while keeping it simple.

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